Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Webcomic Blogs List

People often start blogs and then quit them. Unfortunately, links to them don't disappear, so they keep turning up in search results long after death. This makes it hard for people to find functioning blogs, especially about webcomics, where the search engines tend to confuses us with the huge number of blogs about comics by the big print publishers.

I made this blog for the sole purpose of creating another outpost where I can list the names of functioning, useful blogs focused on webcomics. To keep it from appearing dead, I will be posting older articles from Floating Lightbulb and hopefully other blogs below this section, by backdating them.

Some of these blogs update multiple times a week and some can go weeks without updating. However, they focus on webcomics, all of them have something to offer, and they have been around for a while or seem promising.

Blogs Particularly About Web Comics:

Blog of Last Resort - specializes in how-to
Comic Fencing - Each week four reviewers review one webcomic
Comixtalk - magazine-style, multiple writers
Damn Good Comics - reviews and commentary
Digital Strips - groups written, new, reviews and commentary
Fleen - news, developments and gossip, mostly focused on the well-known titles
Floating Lightbulb - Updates 7 days; news, commentary, reviews, interviews, how-to. My blog.
MPD57 (special focus on Zuda) - new but promising
Tangents - infrequent but long pieces analyzing and reviewing
Webcomic Asylum - reviews, interviews and commentary
Webcomic Finds - reviews (recently resumed publishing on an occasional basis)
Webcomics Overlook - energetic reviews and commentary
WebSnark - infrequent; reviews and commentary, some news

Also consider:

The Daily Cartoonist - hard news, webcomics coverage is secondary
Talk About Comics - mostly announcements from ComicSpace co-owner Joey Manley and people close to him

Of special interest:

Psychedelic Treehouse is a resource for all things webcomic, featuring a sizable webcomic links list, articles, how-to, art, portal lists and reprints of the best interviews, critical essays and reviews from participating blogs.

The Directory of Webcomic Collectives, housed at Psychedelic Treehouse, is another great source for locating comics, often by theme.

The Psychedelic Treehouse Webcomic Blog Directory is a more detailed, illustrated version of this list and may be the preferable bookmark.

If you're writing a webcomic blog and you are not listed here, go to Floating Lightbulb, pull my email from the right hand column, and drop me a line.


Daneman said...

I appreciate the link.

My comic is relatively unheard of and every little bit helps.

Thank You,

David Daneman

John said...

I appreciate your efforts. I got some good links. Thanks a lot.

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Mel said...

Good idea! This helps the searching for active web comics so much!